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Accounting Consulting

 Strategy and Process Drive Results                                                    Contact:  bhuber@cscconstruct.com


At Contractor Strategy Consultants ("CSC"), we take a whole system approach to the contractor's business success. We believe in the power of plans and processes. But first, you have to know where you want to go!

We provide strategy and goal development consulting to help you define success for your and your Company.  We then help develop goals and strategies to help you achieve that success. 

These goals involve both process and people.

We help align solid accounting and information processes with your business goals.

We help you define the correct people for key positions in your Company.

The sound processes will allow the right talent to thrive in a culture of organization and accountability.

We have been working with contractors for years.   We understand the unique challenges of the industry;  the need for good bid costing, accurate and timely field data, complete job cost, and percentage of completion calculations, to name a few.

By leveraging our strengths to help you reach your business goals, 

Your strengths are best leveraged.

Your employees' strengths are best leveraged

And your Company is best positioned for SUCCESS- As you define it!