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We will work with field and other operations personnnel during the Company's production cycle to make sure that the processes are implemented, that they make practical sense and that they result in timely data capture.  ​


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We identify strengths and opportunities.  We draw upon over 25 years experience and knowledge to build best practices that fit your Company.   We will focus, not only on internal controls, but on improved effficiency and accuracy of data capture, input and outputs.​   

performance review


It is critical to take a timely look back  at the successes and failures of the organization.  What jobs were profitable; which were not?  Is there a job size or type that is most profitable for the Company?  Bigger is not always better.   Which divisions are profitable? 

Are there other management reports that we need to develop in order to help the success of the Company?

If we have properly planned, we will have all the data that we need in order to help ensure business success.


a whole system approach to contractor success


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​Contractor Strategy Consultants gets to know your business.   In order to create effective processes, systems and controls, we need to get to know your company and all the players involved.  We will listen to your goals, needs and challenges, and identify key areas for improvement.